Main work topics

Research-Development in specific optimization of SOW systems

  • Maximum solubilization in microemulsions
  • Lipophilic linker additives to improve solubilization
  • Anionic-nonionic surfactant mixtures insensitive to temperature
  • Anionic-cationic surfactant mixtures and their applications (detergency, softening)
  • Extended surfactants for polar oil solubilization
  • Extended and conventional surfactant mixtures

Research-Development in the petroleum/gas topics

  • Optimization of ultralow interfacial tension
  • Optimization of demulsifier/dehydrant products
  • Formation and transportation of heavy crude oil emulsions
  • Formulation of residual fuel emulsions
  • Formulation of in-situ microemulsions for well cleaning
  • Enhanced oil recovery by Alkali-Surfactant-Polymer ASP methods
  • Gas well unplugging by low tension achievement with condensate
  • Drilling muds with presure related stability
  • Formulation of dispersion fluids for shale fracture
  • Asphaltic emulsions

Research-Development in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, paints, pulp and paper ...

  • Nanocapsules for sunscreen lotions
  • Antiparasite vehicle pharmaceutical creams
  • Microemulsion for pesticide impregnation in woods
  • Drug solubilization in microemulsions
  • Spontaneously emulsifiable concentrate for pesticides
  • Stabilization of edible emulsions and foams
  • Lignin derivates
  • Paper deinking

Formation, separation and transformation processes

  • Emulsification by phase inversion (particularly with viscous oil)
  • Spontaneous emulsification by microemulsion dilution
  • Membrane separation in milk and paper industries
  • Effluent treatment with membrane processes
  • Emulsion filtration with membranes