Fields of Competence and Expertise

International competence and expert skill in surfactants, structures and dispersions

  • Surfactants - synthesis, analysis, properties
  • Formulation of mono and polyphasic products
  • Optimum formulation to attain ultralow interfacial tension
  • Microemulsions, liquid crystals and other structures
  • Macro-, mini- and nanoemulsions
  • Spontaneous emulsification by phase inversion and by dilution
  • Foams, suspensions, suspoemulsions
  • Membranes and related processes

35 years of experience in research, development and service contracts

  • Surfactants in exploration-production of petroleum and gas, and petrochemical products
  • Formulation for enhanced oil recovery and well cleaning
  • Optimization procedures for cleaners and detergents, food stuffs and beverages
  • Other products in paints, lignin derivative dispersants, hydrophobes, pesticides
  • Chemical analysis by GC, HPLC, UV-VIS, NMR, FTIR
  • Property measurements: surface tension, interfacial tension, contcat angle, zeta potential
  • Measurement of drop/particle size from 3 nm to 100 µm
  • Classic or advanced rheometry on fluids, emulsions, suspensions and foams
  • Surfactant characterization and certification: HLB, cloud point, Krafft temperature, CMC

33 years of expertise in formation/counselling for the industry

  • Know-how courses for the industrial partners
  • Trainings "a la carte" for researchers and technicians
  • Laboratory practice for industrial partners

30 years of experience in graduate program activities (MSc and PhD)

  • In FIRP Laboratory toward academic degrees
  • As a cooperation with other R&D institutes in Venezuela and abroad
  • As a collaboration with industrial R&D centers