Services, consulting (counseling, coaching), training, research & development, agreements and contracts.

FIRP LabOur products come from our main value at FIRP Lab, i.e. its accumulated know-how.

Our products are the results of a synergy beween

  • our staff expertise and experience,
  • equipment availability and usage skills, and
  • our network association with other institutions and their people (for instance CITEC-ULA, a top quality workshop which is delivering custom made apparatuses developed with us, and can even custom make one for a partner.).

Our products and services comprise a large variety of areas and applications, we help industries in sectors as diverse as oil production, paper and pulp, health care and beauty, medical and pharmaceuticals, et cetera.

Our products and services are divided in four categories

  • Academic products, as what is usually generated in a university laboratory
  • Service products dedicated to help private and public industrial companies and societies
  • Training help products, supporting the formation and divulgation activities, particularly custom made continuous education for our partners
  • Technological know-how products, as the development of techniques and equipment to be transfered to partners to be more effective on their activities, particularly R&D.


ACADEMIC PRODUCTS They include the following classic activities

  • Supervised formation and research training  (reports and Thesis) for Senior (5th year undergraduate students) and MSc/PhD graduate students under direction or codirection of investigators from our laboratory, often in cotutoring with reseachers in other universities or industrial research centers in Venezuela and Abroad.
  • Research and development projects to create knowledge or know-how, with private or public sponsoring, in most cases related with graduate MSc thesis or PhD dissertation, or postdoc fellowships.
  • Academic courses offered here at Universidad de Los Andes, at other Venezuelan universities and eventually abroad to disseminate basic and advanced knowledge of different areas of surface phenomena:

Notice: More courses are offered to our partners from industriy. See SERVICE PRODUCTS FOR COMPANIES


These are activities dedicated to help business companies with special requirements which are not generally offered by universities.

  • They include not only the measurement of properties with appropriate equipment, but also specific services to support research and development like characterization of surfactants or estimation of formulation performance, generation of innovating techniques or methods for helping research centers
  • They also include continuous education training from 1 week to 6 months, accelerated transfer of know-how in some topics or techniques, counseling from our people expertise and experience of sometimes more than 20 years, not only in scientific or technical matters, but also helping partners in taking important decisions in their business. FIRP Lab is offering about ten free acceptance courses per year in Merida, most of them in Spanish and with laboratory pratice. Courses out of our laboratory and, particularly, in other languages (English and/or French) are generally courses which are restricted to an industrial partner and may include confidencial activities. They are generally specialized training programs organized jointly with the customer/client/partner, in particular in-house courses (See next item).
  • IN-HOUSE TRAININGS A very requested type of formation are the in-house trainings with an "a la carte" intensive know-how course of typically 3-4 days dedicated to a specific partner. This course are often associated with a confidential agreement that allows the discussion and counseling about several problems concerning R&D or bussiness technical operations. FIRP Lab offers in general about ten in-house training courses a year and they are booked several months ahead


This include physical or electronic material prepared to transfer knowledge and know-how in different ways.

  • A bibliographical material produced by Lab FIRP is available from the web, including free downloading of self teaching booklets in many areas (so-called Cuadernos in Spanish), slide copies of oral presentations in congresses, and a selection of open-access publications.
  • Our industrial partners have a restricted access to an organized classified material with more than 3000 references in our FIRPBOKK (FIRP Body of Knowledge and Know-how), through which they are guided by our specialists in order to save time and to read only what they need to take care of their problems. This help to optimize the information screening has been recognized as an extremely efficient service that enhances the training of our partners people and speed the solutions of problems. In formulation, a solution to a problem in cosmetics might have been published in a petroleum symposium or a paint journal. Only a very wide application range with more than 20 researchers and scientists over three decades, what we have here at FIRP Lab, is likely to provide the appropriate picking of the information hidden somewhere. 
  • The title and reference of our more than 600 publications and communications generated by FIRP Lab members is available as an overall listing. If more information is required, abstracts of most of our publications are also available year by year. More information of this scientific production may be available on request.


This is an important contribution to our partners, particularly to help their R&D centers to deal with practical know-how methods, research efficiency techniques and specially developed setup and equipment. In other words, our purpose is to help our partners to do more in less time, and more securely as far as the results are concerned.

This FIRP-made know-how applies in formulation studies of micro-, macro- or nanoemulsions, foams and dispersions products in which the number of variables to be studied is often huge, thus requiring hundred or thousands of time consuming experiments.

Our 30 years of experience in formulation in many different areas from petroleum to cosmetics, from foodstuff to detergents, from agricultural pesticides to home cleaners or paints ... has helped us to develop methods and equipment used to find solutions in extremely short time. This is a very rewarding complement to the training of researchers.

For instance:

  • The testing of crude oil demulsifier formulas for a new oil fied production normally requires a couple of week of experiments. With the cleverly use of the know-how and with a lab electrostatic dehydrator, the same screening can be done in a couple of days. 
  • If the proper characterization of the ingredients to enter a cosmetic macroemulsion is carried out first, the current know-how allows to predict a few alternatives to solve the problem with a pocket calculator in 5 minutes. 
  • The appropriate analysis and diagnostic of an oil well cleaning case also allows to limit the number of trials to a dozen, instead of the usual months of trial and error experiments with a lot of "intuition".

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